Giveaway of Calvin's Geneva Catechism / by Joshua Torrey

Calvin's time in Geneva was profitable from the Reformed pastor and theologian. Many elements of his lengthy commentary series came from sermons preached there. He also produced two catechisms during that time. One in a confession format. The other was in a dialogue format.

Work has recently been done to reproduce this second catechism of John Calvin into modified English with a new typesetting. The result is Calvin's Geneva Catechism. This giveaway is excited to provide five different readers with their choice of a PDF or MOBI copy of the publication.

Hans Saunders wrote this of the catechism,

"I could not be more joyous that there is an effort in place to republish it, that it might find a wider audience. The version I stumbled upon is poorly formatted and has a great many errors in grammar. Were it to be the only version available, I would find little reason for it not to remain in obscurity. Other versions are scattered over the internet and on Kindle, but none of them help to make a case for how valuable it is. 
I fully intend to utilize the catechism in leading my son in the faith, as well as sharing much of its treasure with any who will listen."

Brandon Smith wrote this of the catechism,

"For some church traditions, old catechisms seem like relics from a bygone era. And yet, if we engage timeless catechisms like Calvin's, we see that chewing on and digesting rich theology is always nurturing to our souls. I'm thankful that Joshua Torrey took up the mantle to provide this beautiful resource to a new generation of Christians."

We are excited to make this available to the Reformed world once again. We look forward to the many insights that can be garnered from the words of the venerable John Calvin.