Daily Edition: The OPC Republication Report (Updated) / by Shane Anderson

Past decades have seen an emergence of a Lutheran-Reformed hybrid theology in which the Law/Gospel distinction is expressed more as a dichotomy between works and faith (Lutheran) rather than the distinction between the Old administration of the Covenant of Grace and the New administration (Reformed). Additionally, some have begun teaching that the Mosaic Covenant is a republication of the Covenant of Works made with Adam--not simply that the same Law is present in both covenants, but that "in some sense" Israel is brought into a Covenant of Works in which it should merit the land of promise.

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church commissioned a committee to study these issues and the compatibility of various views with the Westminster standards. The OPC General Assembly received the report of the Republication Committee this year, and it is now available for study to elders in the church. The report itself is quite dense, has an extended excursion into diverging interpretations of Meredith Kline, and may be a bit overwhelming/confusing even for theologically literate readers. Helpfully, Lane Tipton and the fellas at Reformed Forum have produced an excellent, don't-miss-it,  podcast discussing the report. It gives a bird's eye summary of the issues and makes the case that those who have advocated views that are less than consistent with the WCF now have a good opportunity to clarify or even retract their previous statements.

Resources on Republication:

The Report of the OPC Committee to Study Republication.

The Mosaic Covenant as a Republication of the Adamic Covenant a podcast, an overview of the OPC Republication Study Committee Report by Reformed Forum, Lane Tipton

"In What Sense? A Review Article" Book review of "The Law Is Not Of Faith" by Mark Jones

"Merit or ‘Entitlement’ in Reformed Covenant Theology: A Review" by James T. Dennison, Jr., Scott F. Sanborn, Benjamin W. Swinburnson