Walter Marshall on Faith in Christ / by John Knox

“As long as we live in this present world, our apprehension of Christ, and his perfections, in this life, is only by faith; whereas by sense and reason, we may apprehend much in ourselves, contrary to Christ: and this faith is imperfect; so hat true believers have cause to pray to God to help their unbelief (Mark ix. 24). Therefore, though we receive a perfect Christ by faith, yet the measure and degree of enjoying him is imperfect; and we hope still, so long as we are in this world, to enjoy him in a higher degree of perfection than we have done. We are yet but weak in Christ (2 Cor. xiii.4); children in comparison to the perfection we expect in another world (1 Cor. xiii. 10, 11); and we must grow still, till we come to the perfect man (Eph. iv. 13); and some are weaker babes than others, and have received Christ in so small a measure, that they may be accounted carnal, rather than spiritual (1 Cor. iii. 1). And because all the blessings and perfections in our new state, as justification, the gift of the Spirit, and the holy nature, and the adoption of children, are seated and treasured up in Christ, and joined with him inseparably; we can receive them no further than we receive Christ himself by faith, which we only do in an imperfect measure and degree in this life.”- Walter Marshall, The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification (Direction XII)