Free Resource Focus: “Free Daily Bible Study” / by Shane Anderson


Resource: “Free Daily Bible Study” Where:

What: An easy to used daily Bible Study and podcast that goes through the Bible one chapter at a time, following the M’Cheyen reading plan. It is simple in expression but theologically sound. You can subscribe via email or follow along on the blog, reading one chapter of the Bible at a time, or the whole M’Cheyen plan.

Who: Jacob Gerber, PCA minister

From the site: “Free Daily Bible Study helps you not only to read the Bible every day, but to understand each day’s reading in the larger context of the whole story of the Bible—and in the larger, unfolding revealing of God’s Son Jesus Christ to the world.

Each day, you will get an email from Free Daily Bible Study with a short passage to read from the Bible as well as an edifying meditation to help you understand the significance of that day’s reading.

Whether you are trying to build the habit of reading the Bible every day or are simply looking for a new devotional, Free Daily Bible Study can help you spend time in God’s word every day.”

Shane’s Take:  

  • “Free Daily Bible Study” by Jacob Gerber is a reliable and accessible resource for reading and understanding the Bible.   
  • The site is well made and easy to use.
  • The aim is to be sound but not too technical.
  • The podcast is nicely done and allows for someone to read the passage at home and listen to the daily explaination/lesson later, or it could be read along with the passage. 
  • This would be an ideal, sound, substitute for a Christian who uses something like Our Daily Bread or is new to reading the Bible and would like a gospel minister walking alongside to help explain. 
  • In some ways this is a modern adaptation of the old tradition of daily preaching, like in Calvin’s Geneva. Jacob will have a devotional commentary on the whole Bible when he is done.

“Free Daily Bible Study” with Jacob Gerber