Biblical Theology

Free Resource Focus: “Free Daily Bible Study” by Shane Anderson

Resource: “Free Daily Bible Study” 


What: An easy to used daily Bible Study and podcast that goes through the Bible one chapter at a time, following the M’Cheyen reading plan. It is simple in expression but theologically sound. You can subscribe via email or follow along on the blog, reading one chapter of the Bible at a time, or the whole M’Cheyen plan.

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Mary And The Church by Joshua Torrey

Since the Reformation, Protestants have looked with concern at the Mariology of the Roman Catholic Church. When a church makes doctrines concerning Mary essential to salvation there should be quizzical looks. And yet, in the rush to deny the Marian dogmas many Protestants can feel an uncomfortable tingle down their spine when they hear "Greetings Mary, God's favored one." Why is that?

Perhaps I can ask the question more practically. Why do people shudder at the sharing—common during Advent—of the depiction of Eve and Mary embraced while Mary's foot crushes a serpent? Or if I can ask even more directly, have Protestant overreacted to Roman doctrine and dismissed the true Biblical witness concerning the Virgin? Unveiled, why is it that some take issue with Mary crushing the head of the serpent?

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Friday Edition: January 22, 2016 by Shane Anderson

Today's must read is Jared Oliphint's brief account of a sermon that changed his life. At the end of the article is the real gem, Richard Gaffin's message on Paul's words "we do not know how to pray, but..." May we be encouraged in our weakness: we have a advocate at God's right hand, Jesus Christ, and an advocate within us, the blessed Holy Spirit.

"The Chapel Message that Changed My Prayer Life" by Jared Oliphint via The Gospel Coalition and Westminster Theological Seminary


Rut Etheridge from Geneva College is praying that God might deliver us from some Christian politicians! In his not-so-gentle-yet-edifying post at the always edifying blog, Gentle Reformation, he laments the Scripture twisting and lack of a fully formed Christian conscience in our political environment.

"Lord, Save Us From Some of These Christian Politicians!" by Rutledge Etheridge


Christ offered himself as a sacrifice for his bride, and the first Adam should have done the same. This provocative thought is explored in Derek Rishmawy's post on Michael Morales' ( Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary) new, widely acclaimed, biblical theology of Leviticus.

"Should Adam Have Atoned For Eve?" by Derek Rishmawy